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Innovative solutions may be available to resolve challenging problems, but there is only one unique solution that achieves optimal goals. A specialist is responsible for providing it.

Dr. Ahmed Bassyouni
Engineering Consultant

Our company, 4ConsultX, is a B2B engineering consulting firm offering robust computational solutions. The numeral 4 in our name signifies the four pillars of computational methodologies, namely, Modeling, Analysis, Design, and Simulation of systems and subsystems.



We are by your side to optimize your most sophisticated systems and subsystems.




With over five decades of expertise, our team provides consultations, contracts, and leadership and support for simultaneous projects in a wide range of specializations, most notably:


Sensors and Systems

Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GNC) Systems

Aerospace Systems

RF Radar Systems

Integrated Defense Systems

Electronic Warfare Systems



Reliability and Safety Analysis (RSA)



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